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"Terrorists Attacks! Terrorists Attacks!!"

Explosives-Packed Car Defused in London

Britain's new home secretary, Jacqui Smith called an emergency meeting of top officials, calling the attempted attack "international terrorism."

"We are currently facing the most serious and sustained threat to our security from international terrorism," she said afterward. "This reinforces the need for the public to remain vigilant to the threat we face at all times."

NYPD: Bombs meant to inflict 'mass casualties'

The New York Police Department Counterterrorism Bureau has prepared a threat analysis of the thwarted London car bombings, NBC News reported on Sunday. The white paper, obtained by NBC, was written for private-security officials in the U.S. It finds that "there is no evidence of high explosives" in the two Mercedes sedans, and that the London bombs were "designed to inflict mass casualties."

Britain Versus the Bomb Plotters

Once the doors were opened, the smoke cleared to reveal something much more sinister-a device fashioned from gasoline, gas canisters and nails that, according to Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke, the head of Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism command, could have caused "significant injury or loss of life" had it detonated.

Nature of London and Glasgow Plot Links Probed

Both vehicles in the thwarted London attacks contained cylinders of propane gas, containers of gasoline, nails and in at least one case was rigged to sophisticated detonators. The Jeep that attempted to crash and turn into a fireball inside a Glasgow airport was said to contain both propane cylinders and gasoline. However it did not appear to have a remote detonator or any nails, police, officials and ABC sources said.

Five arrested in connection with airport attack, London car bombs

One of the men set himself on fire after he jumped from the burning vehicle. He remains in critical condition at the Royal Alexandra Hospital near Glasgow, a hospital representative said.
If this wasn't so hysterical it would be funny.


Gas canister bomb 'an amateur job'

"If you are making a bomb and you are limited in the amount of explosives you can acquire you could easily get some gas cylinders of propane to add to them. They would give a more impressive fireball on TV," he said.

"They are probably keen amateurs who could not get their hands on the real thing and do not realise the limits of what they are doing."

The Metropolitan police's head of anti-terrorism, Peter Clarke, said there was also a "significant quantity" of petrol and nails in the car, as well as the gas. A witness reported nails were lying on the floor of the car, which Mr Alford said was another indication the bomb makers were inexperienced.

"Nails could be considered as an additional way of extending the potential damage and lethal range of the device but putting them on the floor is an incompetent way of building a bomb. They would go straight into the ground," he said.

Glasgow's Burning--Run For Your Lives

Larry Johnson says:
While I am not an explosives expert I am good friends with one of the world's foremost explosives experts. Propane tanks and petrol (gas for us Americans) can produce a dandy flame and a mighty boom but these are not the tools for making a car bomb long the lines of what we see detonating on a daily basis in Iraq.
Consider the level of coverage of these British guys for bombing their Mercedes, for comparison purposes.

also consider this from CBS News August 14, 2002 'Dirty Bomb' Suspect A Nobody?
In early June, Ashcroft announced from Moscow via satellite hookup that Padilla was arrested at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago. Ashcroft's deputies also convened a news conference in Washington.

"We have disrupted an unfolding terrorist plot to attack the United States by exploding a radioactive dirty bomb," Ashcroft said, adding that the government's suspicions about Padilla's plans came from "multiple, independent, corroborating sources."

Now, two law enforcement officials close to the case say there is no evidence a plot was under way. However, one had been "thought out as a possibility," an official said.
Press conference from Russia?
this guy had nothing.

Now, for contrast, compare those levels of coverage
to the level of reportage of this domestic terrorist incident.

less than one year after Ashcroft presser about the Dirty Bomber:
no mention about Bill Krar.

As I commented at Firedoglake:

December 12, 2003, Noonday, Texas:

Found in Noonday were hundreds of bombs and machine guns, and 500,000 rounds of ammunition. The inventory list of what was found is extensive. But the most startling discovery was the combination of sodium cyanide, acid and gunpowder. Mixed together it becomes a lethal chemical bomb capable of killing everyone inside a 30,000 square foot building. Authorities believed Krar a threat to national security, suspecting him of being a part of a “criminal scheme” to violently attack the U.S. Government.

May 4, 2004 Noonday, Texas

From the Houston Chronicle:

East Texas man gets 11 years for cyanide cache

NOONDAY — A man who stockpiled an arsenal of illegal and chemical weapons at an East Texas storage facility was sentenced today to more than 11 years in federal prison while his common-law wife received nearly five years.

William Krar, 63, pleaded guilty in November to one count of possessing a dangerous chemical weapon and could have received life imprisonment. Judith Bruey, 55, had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess illegal weapons. She faced up to five years.
Hoarder of Arms Gets 11 Years
Krar has declined to cooperate with investigators, and federal officials say they do not know why he was hoarding weapons. One FBI affidavit said authorities thought the weapons could have been intended for use in a "covert operation" that "could potentially include plans for future civil unrest and/or civil disorder against the United States government."
and i quote myself from february 17, 2006:

Ever heard of Tyler, Texas? Or Noonday? Noonday, Texas? The one in Smith county; Hundred some miles from Dallas. It's just outside of Tyler. Maybe 600 folks or so.


One Mr. William J. Krar had more Weapons of Mass Destruction than Saddam Hussein had.
Well, at a minimum, Krar had more chemical weapons than Saddam had in all of Iraq.
He had them less than three hundred miles from our house in Austin.
Austin, Texas? The only liberal enclave on the blood red state of Texas.
Where would a liberal hater like Krar want to use a sodium cyanide bomb?
Why would Mr. Krar seem a greater danger than Saddam Hussein or bin Laden?
Is it just me?

And when is this Krar guy getting out?
How many more Krars are out there?

Of course it was those PATRIOT act empowered super surveillance systems of the Homeland Security Department that saved the day and caught Mr. Krar, right? All that high-dollar, high-octane whiz-bang security safety stuff pays off! Way to g... ... ...

Wha? No big press conference announcement of the capture of these armed and dangerous terrorists (and their weapons) inside the United States?

What? ... ... It didn't happen that way? They didn't catch him?

Krar mailed incriminating stuff to the wrong address?

With a note inside? That said, "We would hate to have this fall into the wrong hands."

Hmmm ...

Krar gets out of prison when?

hmm ... he went in in 2004; he got 11 years; he gets out in 2015, at the latest.

Well, who's to say ol' Bill Krar was really such a bad guy anyway?
Paul Krugman?
Who does Krugman think he is anyway?
Well, someone who used to be "Calico Cat" begs to disagree and disparage these insinuations against Citizen Krar.

How many more Krar sympathizer Calico Cats are there out there?

Anthrax, anthrax ... someone was trying to poison prominent liberal icons with anthrax?

Whatever happened to them?

so anyway, i have more to say which i will update here later.
thank you for your support.
bong hits for jesus.

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