Friday, July 27, 2007

what EmptyWheel said:

May 2006: Cheney Given DOJ Investigations Access

i try to keep up, But even i miss stuff at TNH sometimes
which i think is because there is so much stuff.
And this one seems like it could use some repetition and dissemination.

Cheney got what?
this is SO totally nuts!
Doctor Wheeler, if you please:

The point is this: the JPEN database disappeared just two days after Cunningham signed his plea agreement. Gonzales gave Cheney peeking rights into ongoing criminal investigations just as Goss and Foggo and MZM became targets. And all the earmarks that had supported the JPEN database dried up, just in time to close the program and hide the evidence of spying on Bush's enemies.

Think about it. This was a domestic spying program instituted under Rummy (and therefore Cheney) favorite Steven Cambone. If there are guardian angels for domestic spying programs in this administration, they are Cheney and Addington. And they got the ability to guard domestic spying a lot more closely just about the time it had to be dismantled for legal reasons.

and then Marcy magnificently completes this coup de grĂ¢ce with the next line with guillotine snark:
And par for the course, Alberto Gonzales doesn't remember giving Cheney and Addington that power at all!
Thank you, emptywheel for shining the bright light of your chronology on the frigging fascist nightmare of subversion(s) of our Constitution's principles.

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