Wednesday, July 4, 2007

chenyBu$hco's Commutation

I was impressed and gratified by Ted Sorenson's acceptance speech for the next nominee of the Democratic Party for President of the United States: An excellent speech hitting all the right high-minded liberal notes in stirring tones and rhythms.

Except when Sorenson writes:

" I do not favor further widening the nation’s wounds, now or next year, through continuous investigations, indictments, and impeachments. I am confident that history will hold these malefactors accountable for their deeds, and the country will move on

This has been recognized by others as a problem.

Because it is wrong.

Now is not the time to be magnanimous

Those who do not seek redemption are irredeemable.

As has been since demonstrated by the commutation of Irving Libby's 30 month sentence for obstruction of justice and perjury.

cheneyBu$hco are recidivist traitors against our republic.

They have performed as enemies to the constitution, domestic.

They require historic condemnation and repudiation, which has begun.

And to which Keith Olbermann has contributed Bush, Cheney should resign.

Olbermann's epistle is a master stroke of focused, enraged denigration of the chronic cheneyBu$hco criminal hypocrisy.

He voices the excellent indignation of all of us who anguish from the indulgent self-serving, double-dealing fraud we suffer from the Libby supporters.

Except that resignation is not enough, not without a full investigation, a complete accounting of all the facts, a strict review of where those facts accord with and where they violate the law, appropriate charges brought, necessary indictments and public trials, even if the trials must be held in the U.S. Senate.

Not that we didn't expect some kind of pardon or pardon like move by cheneyBu$hco for irving libby.

The classic version was to be a full pardon as schrub slunk out of the White House.

Which may still happen.

But the commutation has raised that bar of hypocrisy a great deal.

Quid quo pro:
"If you don't tell on us, we will keep you out of prison."

It is a continuation of the cheneyBu$hco cover up of the regime's conspiracy to betray one of our clandestine services' agent's secret identity, in order to intimidate those who tried report the truth that cheneyBu$hco deliberately mislead our nation into a war of aggression against Iraq.

And to destroy the intelligence asset that Mrs Valerie Wilson was, because she was in charge of the section that was not reporting threats from Iraqi WMDs.

They are keeping their Scooter out of the hoosegow, so he would NOT have to think about his crimes and maybe feel like he should come clean. Why make him feel like he should testify about the criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice?

Funny thing how they didn't think Scooter should spend even One Day in jail.
How much to they trust this guy if they don't want him in stir for even a minute?
Must be a real stand up kind of guy.
Makes Paris Hilton look macho.
I don't think your "friends" exactly trust you, Irving Lewis Scooter Libby.

The commutation is cheneyBu$hco's continuing criminal cover up of their criminality.

Although, because they may not use commutation to further a criminal enterprise, the commutation is not valid.

Which may or not not come into play.

And it seems that chenyBu$hco might be trying to run out clock since they leave office in 18 or so months.

Sweat, Irving, sweat

Think about this "Scooter":

cheneyBu$hco won't always be around to cover your ass like you covered theirs.

Apparently, not every Republican judge thinks cheneyBu$hco should get away with obstruction of justice and allowing freedom from the accountability of our checks and balances.

There will come a day when none of your buddies are in any position(s) of power to help you.

Notice how they have been burning their bridges lately.

It's not like they are holding anything back to save your ass later on.

They're just keeping you quiet long enough for them to clear out of town.

And if every one of the bodies hasn't been dug up yet
you haven't been pardoned for each one,
then you will still be at risk when they are found.

You know, there are a lot of people are looking for more evidence on you and your friends.

Sooner of later, Scooter, sooner or later ... ... ...

It will all come out, if only in dribs and drabs, or maybe more forthrightly.

How long is the statute of limitations on the Intelligence Identities Protection Act anyway?

Or it could be sooner, but now some folks could be waiting for your friends to leave so y'all can't hide behind any more pardons.

Even now, it does seem you are liable under the IIPA.

What if they are just waiting you out?

Until there is no one around to appreciate a liar
who exposes the identity of our secret agents,
like our enemies try to do?

One would think that you'd best be getting while the getting's good.

just a thought.

Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow.

But someday.


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