Friday, February 17, 2006

Terrorists, WMDs, and whatever happened to those anthrax guys?

Defining attribute of terrorism:
"according to the United States Department of Defense, terrorism is:

"the calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological."

... ... aka the essence of BushWad foreign policy

In terms of promulgating fear and terror the Bush regime are the World Champions. They have been the self-gratifying, pernicious purveyors of bin Laden hysteria.

The history of BushCo. policy and politicizing has been one of constant assault on the public with fear:

Fear of more attacks like September 11, 2001;

Fear of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, in order to stampede the American public (and U.S. Congress) into an illegal war of aggression, which is defined as a war crime.

What did bin Laden ever have? Maybe 10,000 guys?

What was Saddam Hussein? Maybe a tenth rate military midget?

Oh yeah, he was supposed to have those scary weapons, those massively destructive ones.

So scary that we didn't seem to mind invading his country.

So scary that we had to invade his country? (?)

And we were afraid he would hit the United States with a nuclear weapon?

Even if he could get some yellow cake and even if he could turn it into a weapon and even if he could design, build and execute an effective delivery system, what do we think he was going to do with it?

What is Israel, chopped liver?

So Saddam was going to nuke us (Or, for that matter, Israel), right?

We still have ICBMs?

And he doesn't know this?

Fuck, give him a fucking nuke and dare him to use it! What the hell!

Should he have used a nuclear device against any civilian U.S. territory, the international community would have stepped aside and quietly clapped as we vaporized Baghdad.

And we all know the consequences would have been the same if he nuked Tel Aviv.

Good or bad; Fair or Just; For better or worse: I'm not saying ...

But that's the reality that being a Super Power brings. Even to a crackpot, tin-horn bully like Saddam Hussein. Even for him, the very idea was a non-issue, it is so obviously, transparently counter cost-effective; so completely against his own self interests.

Separate and apart from the fact that Osama and Saddam were enemies. Well, now maybe not so much, thank you, Mister Bush.

We used to walk softly and carry a big stick.

America used to be brave enough, strong enough and tough enough to let the enemy take their first shot.

Nowadays, Shrub, Condi, Cheney, Rumsfeld whine about "We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud" and holler "shock and awe" at the top of their lungs while they fritter away our military capabilities across the planet in some neo-con misguided apocalyptic delusions.

These guys tromp as loudly as possible while whittling our military superiority into toothpicks they then scatter everywhere.

And we are supposed to be afraid of bin Laden's gang and, heaven forbid, what if they got any weapons of mass destruction?

Ever notice that they have to be a zillionth rated military power? (And why aren't we handling these murderers with a lot more James Bond and a lot less G.I. Joe? Are we trying to make them feel important?)

Guess what, we have terrorists and they have weapons of mass destruction and they are in the United States.

Ever heard of Tyler, Texas? Or Noonday? Noonday, Texas? The one in Smith county; Hundred some miles from Dallas. It's just outside of Tyler. Maybe 600 folks or so.


One Mr. William J. Krar had more Weapons of Mass Destruction than Saddam Hussein had.

Well, at a minimum, Krar had more chemical weapons than Saddam had in all of Iraq.

He had them less than three hundred miles from our house in Austin.

Austin, Texas? The only liberal enclave on the blood red state of Texas.

Where would a liberal hater like Krar want to use a sodium cyanide bomb?

Why would Mr. Krar seem a greater danger than Saddam Hussein or bin Laden?

Is it just me?

And when is this Krar guy getting out?

How many more Krars are out there?

Of course it was those PATRIOT act empowered super surveillance systems of the Homeland Security Department that saved the day and caught Mr. Krar, right? All that high-dollar, high-octane whiz-bang security safety stuff pays off! Way to g... ... ...

Wha? No big press conference announcement of the capture of these armed and dangerous terrorists (and their weapons) inside the United States?

What? ... ... It didn't happen that way? They didn't catch him?

Krar mailed incriminating stuff to the wrong address?

With a note inside? That said, "We would hate to have this fall into the wrong hands."

Hmmm ...

Also, please note the casual (next to nil) coverage the otherwise hysterical media has given/gave to significantly graver and more serious threat to American civilian lives.

Krar gets out of prison, hmm, ... he went in in 2004; he got 11 years; he gets out in 2015, at the latest.

Well, who's to say ol' Bill Krar was really such a bad guy anyway? Paul Krugman? Who does Krugman think he is anyway? Well, someone who used to be "Calico Cat" begs to disagree and disparage these insinuations against Citizen Krar.

How many more Krar sympathizer Calico Cats are there out there?

Anthrax, anthrax ... someone was trying to poison prominent liberal icons with anthrax?

Whatever happened to them?

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