Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Plame Bombshells

i am in an uproar about things that some would call "political".
due to their sensitivities (or aggressive insensitivity?) i post this warning.

if i had a hammer,
i'd hammer in the morning,
i'd hammer in the evening,
all over this Land.
i'd hammer out Danger!
i'd hammer out Warning!

anyway, there's your warning. my thanks to lee hayes and pete seeger.

many are adverse to the inherent drudgery in the consideration of all things "political".
it is easy to understand this sentiment.
we do not feel attracted to considering the machinations of our municipal sanitary sewage treatment systems either.
everybody has some things they find repulsive.
for a great many, our feelings about politics are about the same as our feelings about sewage.
except sewage won't lie to you.

for those kinds of reasons it is not too unreasonable for people to prefer sewage, given the choice.
at least everybody can agree about sewage.

so why do i go there?
well, at the weakest excuse we have: somebody's got to do it.

now about sewage, i trust the experts who are in charge there.
about politics, i fear that we are at too great a risk to trust the people who do go there in general and the people currently in charge are lying dangerous maniacs who do not know their ass from a hole in the ground, pardon my French.
the threat from sewage is real. (thank a plumber today.)
but the threat from politics is much more dangerous.

at the greater excuse(s), i have a thing about our country and democracy.
my feelings for our country and its government don't feel like "politics" to me.
it's just a thing i have to engage because i care about it or i suffer in my spirit.
it's something that i can't help.

too much about me.

anyway, John Dickerson is our current hero of the moment.
Mr. Dickerson has left Time magazine's employment and has offered his insights and reporting at Slate about his experiences as White house correspondent for Time.

go there a read.
i'll wait quietly till you come back.

you didn't go there.
i was quiet.

okay then go here and read.

oh, let me read it for you! (use a fussy tone because i am old and fussy) :
ReddHedd at firedoglake offers her informed analysis:

Well, well, well...can you say concerted effort to discredit Wilson, planned carefully by folks at the White House, executed with precision planning, and...conspiracy?

did i mention that RH has been a prosecutor? i thought i did.
also from Redd:

First of all, Dickerson is snide. You have to like that in a correspondent, don't you?


Second, how can you not love a reporter who gives a hat tip to FDL for reporting on Traitorgate and catching Dickerson's name in the Libby docu-dump in the first place?

it seems like this Mr. Dickerson is a real live genuine journalist. one among an endangered species.

("if i had a bell, i'd ring it in the morning, i'd ring it in the evening, all over this land ... ")

reading his article feels like there is this sizzling, hissing fuse burning on an ever shorter on and ever increasing load of dynamite.

(" ... i'd ring out Danger. I'd ring out 'Warning!' ... ")

which makes me smile.
because, for once, this is all so excellently bad for all the right people.
and it is very well written.

("if i had a song,
i'd sing it in the morning,
i'd sing it in the evening
all over this land ...
i'd sing about the
Love Among
My Brothers and My Sister,
All Over This Land!")

~ Many Happy Kabooms!

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