Monday, April 9, 2007

Mussolini would be Proud

Please, please
Go Direct to
Fire Dog Lake
and read
Ms Christy Hardin Smith's

Getting Burned While Cooking The Books

But here's a hint for Rep. Waxman and his committee:

Some Republican activists say the e-mail request will not create great difficulty for the White House because nothing nefarious happened and because the RNC automatically purges some e-mails after 30 days. (emphasis mine)

"Some" e-mails are purged? Only "some?" Not all e-mails, but only "some," eh? Exactly who determines this "some e-mails" quotient for the RNC? Is it anything from the White House that might be questionable legally? Anything we wouldn't want the public to see? Things that might be in violation of the Presidential Records Act? How is it automatic that only some, and not all, e-mails are purged? Who made that determination? And why?

Get your investigators to make a duplicate copy of the RNC servers on which these e-mails have been stored. Pronto. Have it done forensically, by the white collar crime folks at the FBI. (emphasis ydj) They may say they purge "some" e-mails every 30 days, but there are likely still a large number of "some" of them there and recoverable…a large number of them…and I smell a big, fat, Turdblossom-reeking cover-up in the making.

"Permanent Republican Majority"?

not on our watch!

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