Sunday, November 12, 2006

with a heavy heart

alas friends and neighbors,
"we" here at psychoRabble must bid adieu to our beloved
since it appears psychoRabble
is holding her back at her home,

Cello, et Cetera

and Blogger Beta beckons.

the sense that we had a team here has always been an illusion,

of course, but it is a comforting and cherished illusion,

and an illusion psychoRabble still supports.

and it is easier than someone trying to masquerade

as an alter-ego playing the role of imaginary teammate.

anyway Pink must move on to Beta and we must let her.

so ...

Ms Slippers,

it’s been awesome.
if only in my dreams.


Go, in Peace.

we will always have Rabble.

see you at C et C,
~ lil’ jimi

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