Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"Follow me to Fascism !"

"I know this cool shortcut!"

Darth Cheney translated
from the original Klingon

Darth Speaks:
In addition, the entire program undergoes a thorough review approximately every 45 days. After each review, the President personally has to determine whether to reauthorize the program. And he has done so more than 30 times since September 11th - and he has indicated his intent to continue doing so as long as our nation faces a threat from al Qaeda and related organizations.

Glenn Greenwald translates:
There is no need to worry about our illegal, secret spying on you, because the Leader Himself -- "personally" -- reviews this and approves of it. And even though there is a law in place enacted almost 30 years ago by your democratically-elected representatives making it a felony for us to do this, and even though the only court to rule on this issue has ruled that we are violating not only your constitutional rights, but also a federal criminal statute, we are still doing it, and we will continue to. Because we want to and because we can.

Totally frightening that these people have credibility, let alone hold reins of power, in this country.

(my apologies to the Klingons. ~ ydj)

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