Saturday, January 28, 2006

Where's Lar?

I see him listed in "contributors" but I don't see a post. ???


  1. where is lar, you say?

    he has posted some Anon comments i have seen ...

  2. Anonymous12:47 PM

    OK, but RingTheKel has posted comments too, yet she doesn't show as a contributor. I think I showed up as "contributor" after I posted an entry (not a comment). Or maybe that's just when I noticed? Yet I don't see an entry from dear Lar, so what gives?

  3. seems like gD70 and RTK have gotten blogger profiles.
    otherwise they would have to be Anons.

    but they have yet to accept my invitation to join us as members/contributors ... yet. (?)

    on the contrasting end of our rabble-the-blog spectrum, Lar has gotten his blogger working And has joined our merry band of mischief makers as a contributor.
    However, he has yet to post or use his ID when commenting.

    i regret if i have blown his comments' cover.

  4. Anonymous11:03 AM

    OK, there must be something else I did that resulted in PinkFluffySlippers being shown as "contributor", besides posting a topic. I don't remember all the hoops I jumped through with the registration. And BTW I think I posted a couple "Anonymous" comments, being too lazy to type in my ID/password. Like this one...

  5. i suspect that PFS did some confirmation from the email invitation that promoted PFS to full teammate here.

    i can see our member list and and PFS and Lar "current team members" and everyone else is listed as pending.

    somewhere it said something like JOIN, and you joined.

    so there!