Sunday, January 29, 2006

Su Li

click her picture for the larger view.
i believe she is also called Butterstick.


  1. I defy your dare! I'm grinning, not smiling.

  2. and here in our comments section today we have our gD70 fixin' to throw down on
    on comrade contributor PFS' smile challenge.

    and she is doing her one better, i'll say ...

    i forgot what i was going to post before i got here ...

  3. before we get as disillusioned as i have become (disillusioned in a good way)
    ... Su Li's name is not Butterstick
    ... Su Li had been named Tai Shan
    ... Su Li is a boy
    first we saw this:
    Help Name Butterstick!
    then this:

    tai Shan means Peaceful Mountain.
    i like Butterstick.

  4. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Her nails need a nice coat of pink, if you ask me.

  5. PinkFluffySlippers said...

    Her nails need a nice coat of pink, if you ask me.

    ahem ... that should be ...

    His nails need a nice coat of pink ...

  6. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Oh no, I would never advocate the painting of a male panda's nails pink. I thought Butterstick and Su Li were she names.

  7. yes, i may have misled our rabble ...
    note the original post refers to "her".
    and i referenced an article from last fall.

    Tai Shan is a boy.
    i am not sure when they van determine panda gender.

    wikipedia wised me up.