Friday, July 24, 2009

Steve Foley (1959 – 23 August 2008)

Continuing Music Immortals:

Steve Foley
drummer for The Replacements: August 23, 2008

Between Isaac (August 10, 2008) and Mitch Mitchell (November 12, 2008).

"More recently Foley sold Nissan cars. He married in 2007 and lived in south Minneapolis across the street from Mars, both of whom owned BMW motorcycles. Wheelo reassembled in late 2007 at least for practice throughout 2008, and according to a bandmate, "Steve's last cymbal crash came down during a raucous, frenzied, and ridiculously silly jam in the key of 'B'." He had been sober for fifteen years but he had been medicated for depression and anxiety. Foley died at age 49 from an accidental overdose of prescription medicine (not from a drug overdose as some papers reported)."

Is it better to burn out than fade away?
Maybe both.

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