Saturday, January 5, 2008

How Hill Choked

from Morley Winograd's post "Can Hillary learn ... " over at MyDD :
Gen Xers, who adored and still revere Ronald Reagan and distrust government, were responsible for the decline in voter participation among young people in the 1980s and 1990s, but as studies by Harvard's Institute of Politics have demonstrated, ever since 9/11 today's youth have voted in increasing numbers, at a growth rate that surpasses that of all other generations.
"Talking about my g-gen-geneh-RAy-shun! ... "
okay, i'm just singing the song; NOT claiming to be a Millennial-gener.
by a LONG shot.

but, but, but,
... then there is this jewel, ALL about Hillary:
Hillary's team were told to invite young people over for a night of watching TV shows like Gray's Anatomy or The Office, and use that opportunity to engage them in a conversation on the issues. Obama's team went about finding its cadre of supporters by using their website, built off of the FaceBook operating system or platform, in tune with Millennial's social networking habits. Once they found potential supporters, Obama's team didn't ask them to watch television, something Millennials do infrequently, unless it's on their laptop with shows downloaded from the Net, but to hang out at the local bar.
Watch TV ?
deeply clueless is the face of the hippest, fastest growing generation of voters.

self-filling doom there, hill-ster.
you missed the crucially important high-tech connection.

but then you hired Terry McAulifee.
that explains a lot of your problems right there.
say Hi to bill.

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