Saturday, September 22, 2007


I am a patriot.
I am an American.
I vote.
I pay taxes.

I belong to MoveOn.Org.
I support MoveOn.Org
MoveOn.Org speaks for me!

I respect our military.
I do not have to respect Gen. Petraeus.

Since he has chosen to be the POLITICAL
sock puppet for the cheneyBu$hco regime,
he has earned being rebuked for conspiring with
the scoundrels who have deceived us into
the cheneyBu$hco war against the Iraqis.

nice uniform.
nice medals.
nice stars on the shoulders.
You, Gen. Petraeus bring shame and dishonor to
your uniform,
your rank,
your service.

your surge FAILED.
but this you did not admit.
you admitted that you are not making our country safer.

Surrender would be more honorable than to have these villains lead us.

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