Sunday, August 26, 2007


the cheneybu$hco regimen never had any legitimacy.

they stole the 2000 election in florida.

they exercised a judicial coup d' etat,

with their accomplices, the supreme court felonious five.

they stole the 2004 election in ohio.

they were never duly elected.

they defrauded the american people and stole our democracy.

they have had no honest claim to the presidency.

they are illegitimate.

they are invalid.

all of cheneybu$hco acts are null and void.

they continue to be the thieves they have always been.

they remain a usurper junta of tinhorn plutocrats and kleptocrats.

since they stole power and have occupied the White House (our House!),

they have proved beyond any reasoned doubt,

that they,

every complicit member of the cheneybu$hco regime and every supporter and enabler,

are the biggest threat to the Constitution of the United States.

every member of our armed forces and every government official

swears an oath to defend our Constitution against all enemies,

foreign or domestic.

or domestic.

the cheneybu$hco regime is the gravest danger of our Constitution;

they are enemies to the Constitution domestic.

all of our military and every elected member of our government

has sworn to protect the Constitution and should, no, must

defend it against the cheneybu$hco regime’s attacks.

habeas corpus.

innocence until proven guilty

the fourth amendment

et cetera

and the cetera here is the whole list.

it is a long list.

it’s a litany.

(see link to litany)

for all these reasons it is imperative that cheneybu$hco not be validated, as if they have any legitimacy.

compromise with them not possible.

there exists an inherent wrongness in every action they take and they must be opposed if for that reason alone.

collaboration is wrong;

bipartisanship is wrong;

coordination is wrong.

unless cheneyBu$hco do exactly what we want,

they must be opposed, resisted, denied, repudiated, marginalized, trivialized, defied and defeated.

cheneyBu$hco simply must not be accepted.

on anything.


they are the threat to our country.

they are the enemy.

they must be exposed to one and all as the traitors

that they are: traitors against the Constitution;

traitors against our nation;

the treachery listed in the Litany

Bi-Partisanship is collaboration with the enemy.

the only permissible negotiations are negotiations of their capitulation.

my case in point:

this regime i always call cheneybu$hco has asserted an executive privilege to shield their advisers to their putative "president", their pretender to the Oval Office from disclosing their advice to the executive.

these suckers may as well be vampires for all their aversion to the light of day.

John Dean at

"Cheney says he is refusing to provide information to the Congress as a matter of principle. He told the Today Show that he wants to "protect the ability of the president and the vice president to get unvarnished advice from any source we want.""

public servants working on the tax-payer funded payroll are so worried about the Oval Office occupier(s) being able to get the "unvarnished" advice and to protect their access to this resource that they can't let Anyone know what that advice is/was and who would have given any of it.

what an excellent canard for criminals to use to stonewall and avoid bringing evidence of their crimes forth.

after all, what advice could there be that the adviser and the advice must be kept secret?

under which circumstances should such secrets be kept?

at what cost to our free and open form of government?

well, wouldn't that be when we would want to protect the secret identity of one of our valued secret agents?

oh, apparently, Not so much? See: Mrs Valerie Wilson.

well, what if the advice itself is lies and the advisor is advising that the laws be violated and crimes be committed?

oh, apparently, yes. even if the advice comes from enemy agents to serve the interests of our enemies?

See: Irving L. Libby, et al.

we would never know, if we allow the cheney canard.

if all of these folks are upholding their sworn Oaths to defend the Constitution, what could they possibly need to hide?

answer: Nothing.

what we have been taught by cheneybu$hco over and over again is that we can never trust them and we can not believe them.

Impeach them;

Remove them;

Indict them;

Convict them:

sentence them to be banned from further government service;

no presidential library;

no possibility of pardon, parole or commutation;

mandatory prison.

they are traitors.

It is our duty as patriots, as defenders of the Constitution to make them eat shit.

Keep Hope Alive.

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