Monday, January 22, 2007

The Right to Choose

Blog for Choice Day - January 22, 2007

In the absence of a volition enabling ambiance/environment, what could Freedom mean?
In the presence of terrestrial gravity, freedom to fly is meaningless for the wingless because hurdling off of high places is not a meaningful option.
If the surround disables the exercise of “unalienable rights”, one is not free to exercise those “rights”.
Freedom means Choice.
Freedom means being able to exercise the right to choose.

If the domain of our self-determination does not include our bodies and our bodies’ medical care, where can we say our freedom begins?
If there are rational limits to our bodily autonomy, can they include sanctioning the invasion by foreign DNA into one’s womb?
How may we call an individual sovereign if such uninvited trespass may not be repulsed?

In this real world where unwanted pregnancies will create choices about abortions, how are these choices to be decided? Should they be decided by the woman, with her doctor’s and family’s support or by The Government?

Your underage daughter comes to you in tears to tell you she is pregnant.
She has made a tragic mistake.
She is too young and she is scared.
She comes to you because she knows you love her and she trusts you.

If she does not want to have a baby, do you help?

Or do you call the police?

“Sorry, Honey, but the government says you have to have that baby anyway.” ?

I don’t think so.
Because that would be immoral.

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