Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fighting the fight against feeling demoralized, dispirited

Gulags and torture are what we fight wars against.

Please thank Digby for this excellent post at Hullabaloo.

Perhaps nobody cares that that this very thing is being done every day to hunger strikers in Guantanamo. But do people honestly think it can't happen to them? Once we unleash this beast it won't only be terrorists or Muslims who will be in danger. In one way or another, we all will be.

And children are not safe either.
Ever heard of Camp Iguana?
7, 8 and 11 year olds designated Enemy Combatants.

Unconscionably shameful.
Welcome to Insane America.
One of Hell's colonies now.

Those who have brought us here must be repudiated.
We may not indulge in anything less than vigilance.
And action.

no matter how sick to the stomach we feel.

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