Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Four Weeks that Shook Oaxaca

i heard this over at Lying Media Bastards: http://www.lyingmediabastards.com/2006/08/destroyed
Oaxaca’s State TV Station Under Popular Control- I have not at all been following the upheaval going on in Oaxaca right now. Long story short, every year, there is a sort of political dance where Oaxacan teachers march on the capital, go on strike, sometimes form a tent city that lasts for weeks, and then negotiate a new deal with the government. This year, the governor decided to replace the negotiations with a police riot that tear-gassed and bashed up the tent city. This has led to a much wider opposition and revolt against the governor. The latest of which was a march of 350 women who took over a local state-owned TV station, and are using it to broadcast their message and demands.

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